Pronunciation らりるれろ

発音イラスト QA
Stay in Japan!

The Japanese language is easy to pronounce.

But, I realized that most of native English speakers doesn’t pronounceらりるれろ correctly.

Most of them pronounce it Ra Ri Ru Re Ro. They use R sounds.

What’s is the problem not to be able to pronounce らりるれろ?

I can say, It is no problem at all. Because we Japanese don’t distinguish between L and R.

But, still, we know, something is wrong a bit…if you said Ra Ri Ru Re Ro.

How to practice pronouncing らりるれろ

Actually, らりるれろ sounds is between L and R, it’s more than closer to L.

But it’s still not the correct.

Here is the tip.

What is this below?


Yes, This is a ladder はしご.

When you pronounce “dde” of ladder, where is your tongue?

That position is the right one to pronounce らりるれろ.

It’s like だ in Japanese. Please keep the position だ and say ら.

I could hear you.
That is ら sound in Japanese.
You made it!


Please remember when you say らりるれろ.
It would sound more natural.


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