There is a magic word like “please” in Japanese. Most useful Japanese word is…

魔法の杖のイラスト QA
Stay in Japan!

When you are in trouble you don’t know what you should say in Japanese.
There is a magic word. It is どうも.

What is a magic word?

Ladakh picture

I have been to Ladakh, India.
They speak the Ladakhi language.

It is not English. It is not Japanese. It is Ladackhi.

First time I visited the new country, I tried to remember some useful word in that area.

It was “Juley” in Ladakh. This is a magic word.

“Juley” means “sorry” “Thank you” “Hello” know, You can use almost for every greeting.

So, I always said “Juley” and it was going well.

What is a Japanese magic word?

It is どうも

When I had attended to the school to be a Japanese language teacher, the teacher said to the students that “There is a magic word in Japanese. You know? It is どうも. You can use it almost every situation, right? So, Please don’t tell a student this word. Because if you’d tell it, they wouldn’t remember other words.”

I was so shocked at that time because I didn’t realize we, Japanese also have a magic word like “Juley”.

Thinking of that word, It could be sorry, thank you, hi, etc.

I decided not to tell to my students this word first at that time.

You have to be careful when use it.

どうも is a magic word but at the same time, it sounds a bit rude.
It is not formal.

So, as you may notice, You’d be better to use accurate word.

Does your country have any magic word?

I am really curious about it.
Please leave a comment below, if you have;)


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