How to learn onomatopoeia

オノマトペのイラスト QA
Stay in Japan!

Hello everyone.





When I start to take a lesson with a student who takes the first lesson, I always asks the reason why you want to learn Japanese. Then Most of my students told me they like ANIME, MANGA or something like that.


I agree with learning Japanese with manga or anime because you can learn ONOMATOPOEIA!, which is very difficult to teach it to students with detail.

So, Today I want to introduce you guys this amazing illustrations of onomatopoeia.

This picture was drawn by Liza-san. She has the JLPT-N2 and is very good at speaking Japanese. I like her sense of art. Actually she works in art industry.
You can see her illustration of onomatopoeia here.

ちびちび は、英語だとsipという感じかな。(※「飲む」と一緒に使うなら)

By the way, This picture above reminds me of my father, who always drunk SAKE ちびちび when I was child. Nice pic! Thanks Liza-san.


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