【Japanese Proofreading and Translation】To be honest, google can’t translate English into Japanese, But, DEEPL is …!

DeepL QA
Stay in Japan!

I have a class for proofread.

As you may know, Japanese language need context. So, it’s difficult to translate for everyone who is learning Japanese even advanced class people.

That’s why, I have a class for it.
I do a lesson hearing you guys and pick a best word in that situation.

However, recently, I found a very good quality machine translation tool.
Let me introduce it.


I tried a lot of translation tools from English into Japanese.
Unfortunately, They are all not good enough.
Some of them are improving day by day but still it’s not a good.

It happened, I met DeepL, which is awesome!

A sense of choosing a word, smooth sentences and correct sentences,,,
Those all are almost perfect! I though I will loose my job. hahaha.

I highly recommend to try to use this app.
And then, if It is a important documents like thesis or CV or something,
take a lesson for proofread. A teacher will explain why you should use the word or phrases, or maybe tell you more better words.

you can try it here, DeepL


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