How to learn Kanji

山のイラスト QA
Stay in Japan!

Most of students except Chinese struggle with remembering Kanji which is Chinese character.

However, if you learn Kanji quickly, then you could understand Japanese more faster.

Kanji is art

Most of kanji is complicated, you know?
Because they are visually one, two and three.


But other than that…

Yeah, a little bit more complicated.

So, I suggest that You should think of Kanji as an art.

They are like a drawing or a painting.
Take a look 習字(syuuji) or 書道(syodoo) which is Japanese traditional calligraphy.


When you write Kanji, you are an artist!

Focus on how useful they are.

Every Kanji have meanings.

For example…

食 is to eat. 後 means after.
So, 食後(しょくご)means “After meal”.

Even if you don’t know 食後 word, You can guess the meanings.

Speaking of Kanji, Chinese also uses Knaji.
I think that is why, they can understand Japanese language very quickly.

And we Japanese don’t understand Chinese, but we can guess almost 50% or more of sentences, if we read them. Because of the meanings of Kanji is the same.


It is often said that Kanji made from the signature like 山 looks like a mountain.

In my opinion, Yes it is. But those types of kanji are few, I think.

So, don’t be so serious. Just practicing, practicing every day!