How to do shadowing?

蜘蛛のイラスト QA
Stay in Japan!


How’s it going with studying Japanese?
If you are struggling with listening and speaking, Then I want to tell you about shadowing.

How to do shadowing.

The method of shadowing is easy.
All you do is just follow the voice.

But there are some hint, here.

Don’t think about the meaning.
Don’t translate it.
You just follow the sounds which you caugtht.

Follow it right after you heard.
Don’t wait to finish the sentence. After one word you listened, you should start follow/shadow them.

You have to mimic exactly you listened.
Pitch, stress and tone. Everything as much as you can.

Shadowing with the book which is written by Japanese famous author.

Today, I want to introduce a 朗読(ろうどく) to you.

The book title: 蜘蛛の糸(くも の いと)
The author : 芥川龍之介(あくたがわ りゅうのすけ)

This book is very famous in Japan. I think that the origin of this story is from Buddhism book.
The author was a teacher at elementally school. Now there is a big prize of novel for an up-and-coming author. The name of the prize is “AKUTAGAWA prize” Yep, this named after him.

I suggest that first, you should listen to it and then, take a look the script.
Please try to do shadowing 😉

By the way, her voice is so beautiful, isn’t it?
She is one of my friends and professional emcees.

We’ve met at church. She went there to wedding mc and I went there to take wedding photos for work. Since then, we are ナイスコンビ!at wedding ceremony.

Hope this 朗読 will help you to understand Japanese, listening Japanese and know Japanese culture a bit.


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