Japanese traditional performance KAGURA

神楽の写真 Culture
Stay in Japan!

Japan has a pretty much long history.
So There are traditional events.

You may know about 祭り Matsuri, 七夕 Tanabata-festival, お盆 Obon and so on.

Do you know 神楽(かぐら)?

What is 神楽(かぐら)?

神楽は 日本の 神話(しんわ)の中に出てくる神様(かみさま)のために 踊る 踊りのパフォーマンスです。

いつ、どうやって、だれが、日本を 作りましたか?
それが 書かれてあるのが 「古事記」(こじき)という本です。

とても 古い本です。712年ごろに 書かれたそうです。



その本の神様のために 踊るのが 神楽です。


これは わたしが 島根県(しまねけん)へ 神楽を見に行った時の写真 です。

I went to Shimane prefecture to see Kagura on January 2020.
They performed in the very old local shrine.

I took this photo.
There are some music players like 笛, 太鼓 in the back.
It was very loud and gorgeous.


すごい 迫力(はくりょく)!

Who are the performers?

After this performance, I went to the stage to see the performers.

It was them!


They are high school students.
Soooo Cute!

I asked for them whether It is okay to upload their photos on the web.
Then, They said that of course yes! Please spread about us, this 神楽!

Around this area, local people are very proud of 神楽.
The kids have started to practice 神楽 since even 3.

They love 神楽!


As I said before, Japan has a long history, So almost every prefecture, local area have unique traditional events.

If you have a chance to come to Japan, please try to find local events like 神楽!


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