There is a magic word like “please” in Japanese


When you are in trouble you don’t know what you should say in Japanese.
There is a magic word. It is どうも.

What is a magic word?

Ladakh picture

I have been to Ladakh, India.
They speak the Ladakhi language.

It is not English. It is not Japanese. It is Ladackhi.

First time I visited the new country, I tried to remember some useful word in that area.

It was “Juley” in Ladakh. This is a magic word.

“Juley” means “sorry” “Thank you” “Hello” know, You can use almost for every greeting.

So, I always said “Juley” and it was going well.

What is a Japanese magic word?

It is どうも

When I had attended to the school to be a Japanese language teacher, the teacher said to the students that “There is a magic word in Japanese. You know? It is どうも. You can use it almost every situation, right? So, Please don’t tell a student this word. Because if you’d tell it, they wouldn’t remember other words.”

I was so shocked at that time because I didn’t realize we, Japanese also have a magic word like “Juley”.

Thinking of that word, It could be sorry, thank you, hi, etc.

I decided not to tell to my students this word first at that time.


Now I just said it!

You have to be careful when use it.

どうも is a magic word but at the same time, it sounds a bit rude.
It is not formal.

So, as you may notice, You’d be better to use accurate word.

Does your country have any magic word?

I am really curious about it.
Please leave a comment below, if you have;)



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