How to use online lesson?

オンラインレッスンを受ける学生 QA
Stay in Japan!

Hi, everyone.

I am a Japanese language teacher. These days, I do online teacher.

What do you think of taking an online lesson?

I have taken an online lesson to learn English. And I teach Japanese on online. So, I realized some from both sides.

Tips for taking an online lesson

There are lots of online class on the internet. There are various ranges of tuition. There are lots of types of teachers.

How should you choose the teacher?
Here is some tips.

Please try to take a trial lesson if they have.

ずばり! The most important things are the 相性 (あいしょう) chemistry.


A teacher who has a good reputation doesn’t mean that He/She is a good teacher for you.

The trial lesson can tell you whether the teacher is good for you.

I added the trial lesson menu after I realized it.

Trial lesson is cheap, you don’t lose anything! Please try it first.

Tell to a teacher about your goal or what you want


Why do you want to learn Japanese? For what?

The Teacher really wants to know it.

If you want it for traveling, then a teacher would teach you some useful phrase or give you some tips like how to ride SHINKANSEN or Taxi or something like that.

If you want to learn to pass the exam, then a teacher would teach you the grammar.

I try to ask the purpose learning Japanese in the first lesson, then I can be ready for the lesson for you.

Teacher is not a dictionary


Sometimes students ask the meaning of the word which they don’t know.

As a teacher, I can say,

Yes, you can ask it, but Remember? The teacher is not a dictionary. Every time you ask it, you lost the time to learn grammar or something more important. You can look it up on the internet like to teacher google at that time. Or you can search it after the lesson.

All I want to tell is you should focus on the things that you can do only the lesson like pronunciation, asking or new grammar.

It’s your time. You pay. Please use the time worthy.

On top of that, From my experience,
The students who always ask it tend not to remember it and ask again and again about the same word.
And they don’t memo.

The students who can look it up by themselves remember the new word very quickly and take a memo at that time.

Enjoy an online lesson!

I gave you some tips above.
So, then you can enjoy the lesson.

I hope you can find the best teacher for you.
And improve soon!


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