How to say secondhand in Japanese. Meaning of 中古(ちゅうこ・chuuko)【There’re secondhand shop in Japan】

Stay in Japan!



iphone are expensive even if they’re used.


secondhand shop in Japan

Some of my students live in Japan.

But most of them stay in Japan for a couple of years.

They use secondhand shop and I think that’s good idea. You can save money and it’s eco!

They told me the shop they often use.

Book OFF

The shop name is “book” off. but They sell other stuff. furniture, phone, clothes, and more.

2nd street

They are more おしゃれ than Book off. You can find brand stuff too.

Hard OFF

Hard Off is one of the group company of book off. Hard off have every category’s item but especially computer stuff is good.

You can buy/sell by online. but try to go the real shop near by. You may find something nice.


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