Japanese pronunciation はひふへほ


日本語の発音は わりと 簡単です。



How to pronounce ふ

A student who is learning Japanese from scratch asked me,


先生、「ふ」は HU ですか? それとも FU ですか?

I said ?????

Because for me, HU and FU are totally the same sounds.

Then, I told him, It’s HU.

But, to be honest, both are Okay with me.

Japanese don’t have F sound. So, F sound includes H sound.

Japanese can’t distinguish those

  • L and R
  • F and H
  • V and B

Light and Right are the same sounds for Japanese. It is イト in Japanese.

Glass and Grass as well. It is グス.

Rap and Lap too. It is ップ.

Hold and Fold as well. It is ールド.

Vote and Boat as well. It is ート.

I did practice before, so I can say L and R more clearly.
But, It is still hard to listen which one is which.

Sometimes I asked to a student,

Did you say L or R??

The sounds that Japanese can’t pronounce.

We Japanese don’t have those sounds below.

  • TH
  • V
  • F
  • L
  • R

Japanese have to learn and practice if they want to pronounce them correctly.
Those are very new for Japanese.






These above are the same for Japanese. The same as あ.

So, I can tell you, Japanese pronunciation is very easy for you!!
You are lucky!!



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