【Tips for staying Japan】You should prepare for earthquakes. The big earthquake could come. It’s called Nankai megathrust earthquake 南海(なんかい・nankai)トラフ大地震(だいじしん・daijishin)

Stay in Japan!

It’s a name of MEGA earthquake which could come to Japan soon.

It’s said that it could happen within 40 years by 90% ratio.

So, it’s important to be prepared for it.

If interested, plz google/youtube it.

[NHKスペシャル] もしも南海トラフ巨大地震が発生したら?シミュレーションCGとドラマで解説 | MEGAQUAKE | NHK
「NHKスペシャル」の最新情報はこちら 改めて警戒意識が高まる「南海トラフ巨大地震」。今後30年以内の発生確率は70~80%、最大M9.1の地震による激烈な揺れと大津波で死者は最悪32万3千人、経済損失は1410兆円に上ると...


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