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【How to say “that much” in Japanese】meaning of そんなに(sonnani)

そんなに sonnani


😶そんなに寒くない→It’s not that cold.
😶そんなにお腹すいていない→ I’m not that hungry.
😶そんなに忙しくない→I’m not that busy.
😶そんなに安くない→It’s not that cheap.
😮そんなに寒いの?→Are you that cold?
😲そんなにお腹すいているの?→Are you that hungry?

😬I have to say something.

When Japanese answer withそんなに, normally it doesn’t mean “that “. It’s actually so!

Are you okay? Are you cold?

I’m okay. I am not that cold.
👉means…I’m cold🥶!!!!

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