After working, I searched 鬼滅の刃(kimetsu no yaiba), on netflix. Then found it and tried to watch it. It took 2 hours since I started watching 鬼滅の刃. It is so fun than I expected.

The story is 大正(たいしょう)period in Japan. Simply the story is about fighting human and devil. But it is kind of heartwarming stories. you can see the old period Japanese life style as well.

I am not sure you can see it in the out of Japan. So now I recommend this website, which you can read the book a little bit by free.


立ち読み(たちよみ): 立つ to stand, 読む to read

So, 立ち読み means, to read while standing. 無料(むりょう) means free.

「無料立ち読み」to read without buying. It’s kind of browsing.

By the way, I quit drinking recently though, I liked 立ち飲み before.

After finishing a job, I used to go to the bar and drinking while standing.


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